Women’s Empowerment through Sensuality

Spring 2020 – Date TBD
Chapel Hill, NC
9:30am – 4:30pm

During this workshop we will get back in touch with our bodies; break down taboos around sexuality and pleasure; celebrate our individual beauty as women; be witnessed and supported within a safe community of sisters; and enjoy lots of fun and playful embodied practices.

Our goal is for you to leave at the end of these two days feeling proud of your body, empowered in your sensuality, and reconnected to your power source as a woman. 

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Testimonials from past participants:

“My first reaction to reading the description of the ‘Women’s Sensuality Retreat’, was that it sounded terribly uncomfortable and even embarrassing. However, I was also at a place where I wanted change and awareness in my life, so I figured that being uncomfortable might be a good thing, and so I signed up. I am so glad I did. The weekend exceeded every expectation I fathomed, and I can sincerely say I left as a stronger and “improved” version of myself. I say “improved”, because my experiences at the retreat helped me to open my eyes, my heart, my soul, and my mind to parts of myself I thought I lost. Through the exercises we performed during the retreat, I was reminded those parts have always remained, I simply needed to look and listen. I entered feeling self conscious, misguided, and searching for so many answers. What I found was the strength and skill to look within for all I seek. It was fun, sexy, sensual, enlightening, educational, and an experience I’ll never forget. It is the very best gift you can get yourself, or any woman you love.” ~ A

“Carving out a full weekend devoted to myself was like hitting the reset button in a powerful way. The discussions with other amazing women felt open, safe, and left me with a greater sense of potential and curiosity about my body, and my life. This was an opportunity for me to remember, feel, and trust the intuitive, sensual power that lives within me. Through this workshop I was able to become more aware of how I treat my body, think about her, and experience life’s pleasures through her. It is several weeks later now, and I am still feeling the effects of this heightened awareness. I highly recommend this workshop to any woman who is seeking to reconnect with her body, nourish her soul, and meet other soulful women!” ~ G

“Spending two days reconnecting with my sensuality — with my body as a source of joy and pleasure and power — was exactly what I needed after a grieving process left me feeling disconnected. Nadia and Kristy were skilled, gentle facilitators, guiding us through a process that was healing in the moment and which built new skills I continue to use. I return to these practices for nourishment and support during the work day, at times of stress, or even to enjoy more fully a beautiful afternoon. I highly recommend this experience!” ~ D