Here’s what people are saying about Bodysex:

“If you have heard about BodysexNC and the workshop, listened to a group of women speak in some strange, empowered vernacular, then retreated into yourself with a resounding “NOPE!”, then I assure you that you are not alone.  Move over sister, I was definitely there.  The very idea both intrigued and TERRIFIED me!  But leaving that last day, I had a glow and a level of confidence that was nothing short of intoxicating.  Maybe the men like to say “the first rule of Fight Club is that there is no Fight Club”, but after attending Bodysex NC, I am shouting from the rooftops that “the first rule of Bodysex NC is that is EXISTS and is AMAZING!”  If you are curious and scared, then I highly recommend the documentary viewing.  Its is very laid back, and allows you to see exactly what you will be doing, and ask any and all questions that pop into your head.  Kristy is an open book, and no topic is off limits, and no question is silly or without validation.  She has a gift for putting you at ease and truly applies every effort to help you process your decision to attend.  I think for most of us who have attended the workshop, we resist initially as a reaction to every social norm we’ve ever been taught.  But somewhere in our gut, something cries out that this is the very thing we’ve been looking for and craved as a way to emancipate ourselves, on our own terms, from the shackles of the barrage of negative and harmful images and messages of the expectation of what it means to be a woman in today’s world.  Fuck. That. Mess.  Get up!  Get naked!  Share!  Cry!  Laugh!  Expose!  It will be the most freeing experience of your life.  Being in such a vulnerable and powerful circle of women helped me see all of my positive attributes, and acknowledge and love those that I perceived as negative, because we all stopped seeing each other as our bodies, and instead saw each other as our souls.  I guarantee you will walk away feeling like you can do anything.  When was the last time you felt THAT powerful?

The fear subsides, your fixation on micro-criticising every inch of your body becomes sacrilegious, and you learn to love yourself, exactly as you are.  To no longer be defined by my body, as my body, and limited by my body has renewed my spirit, and awakened my awareness to accept that I am deserving of pleasure, and should participate in the exuberance of my divinity.”

~ Annie

“I was really surprised at how I grew after attending Bodysex. I was incredibly excited (nervous, of course, too), but it affected me in a totally unexpected way. Hearing others’ stories reminded me of ways I’ve viewed my body over the years, and my reflections centered around how I could best be supportive and inclusive of those around me. Bodysex is a setting that makes you completely vulnerable – you’re literally naked talking about shame you have or currently feel around sex and the body – and wholly accepted by a group of women you can’t help but relate to and respect. I find myself hearkening back to the lessons learned during Bodysex, and am grateful for the insight I gained on this step in my journey, and for the brave women who helped me through it.”

~ Katie

“I attended Kristy’s Bodysex circle in June and it was an amazing experience! Kristy’s confidence in holding space for us, immediately put me at ease. We laughed, cried and shared our stories of body and sexual shame. The second day when we shared our self pleasure together, felt like a big celebration of everything we had been through the day before and I felt able to let it go with my orgasms. Bodysex North Carolina was incredible and I recommend it to anyone wanting to go deeper within themselves in a safe circle of sisters.”

~ Natasha

“I was nervous about certain aspects of the workshop beforehand (the idea of masturbating within a group of women was definitely out of my comfort zone!), but Kristy did a beautiful job of creating safe space and making everyone feel comfortable immediately. I left these two days feeling more deeply connected to my body, more confident in my sexuality, and so grateful for the gift of sisterhood. There is something incredibly freeing about shedding your clothes at the door and spending two days naked (both in body and soul) within a group of loving and supportive women talking about topics that don’t get the space or attention they need in our culture. This was a deeply healing experience that I will carry with me for a long time to come!”

~ Nadia